Why foster for your local authority rather than an independent fostering agency? 

Putting children before profit

Fostering is a rewarding and challenging experience, one that can give you a sense of purpose as you help change young lives for the better.

In England, there is a critical shortage in the number of available foster carers for the number of children that need a safe place to live and every year thousands of new foster families are needed.

By fostering with your local council rather than an independent fostering agency (IFA):

By fostering with Bradford Fostering, we can use all of our resources on the local children and young people that need our help.

Whether you foster for Bradford Fostering or you foster for an IFA, you will be doing the same role.

IFAs are usually national businesses that are set up to make a profit. They may take referrals for foster placements from councils all over the country, so IFA foster carers may look after children from anywhere in the UK, not just from the Bradford district. So you may have to travel long distances to take the child to and from school or for family time visits.

Fostering with Bradford Fostering means you will also get the opportunity to be a part of the award-winning Mockingbird programme that allows you to join a peer support ‘hub’ with other local fostering families to become an extended network, similar to that of an extended family.