You can start your fostering journey today by:

Our friendly team are ready to answer any questions you may have and will send you an information pack.

The information pack contains lots of information about fostering for Bradford Council and will help you make the decision if fostering is right for you. You can request an information pack here.

Information Meetings

Our monthly meetings provide an opportunity to meet some of our current foster carers who will be happy to share their experiences of fostering with you.

You will have the chance to meet some of the fostering team and have a one-to-one chat with a social worker about your plans to foster. The social worker will fill in an expression of interest form with you which the Assessment Team Manager will look over after the meeting.

There is also a chance to hear more about fostering for Bradford during our presentation.

Click here to find the dates for our next Information Meeting.

Home Visit

Once the Assessment Team Manager has given their approval, an Assessing Social Worker will get in touch with you to arrange a visit to see you at your home.

The Social Worker will have a look around your home, see the bedroom you plan to use for fostering, take some further details and answer any questions you may have.

If the Social Worker feels happy for you to proceed they will ask you to sign a registration form. Once we have your form back the fostering service will begin running background checks. These include:

Preparation Group – Skills to Foster

The Skills to Foster course helps you get ready to start your role as a foster carer.

The training takes place over 4 and a half days, one of which is run by members of the Children in Care Council (young people who are currently looked after by Bradford Council).

You will be assessed throughout the training course and will be asked to complete some home learning.

On the final half day training we invite your own children (if you have any). Workers will speak to them about fostering and answer any questions they may have.


Whilst you are completing your Skills to Foster training you will be allocated an Assessing Social Worker. The Assessing Social Worker will complete an assessment with you which will include looking at your:

The Social Worker will visit you around 10 times over 16 weeks to put this information into a portfolio which will showcase your suitability to foster.

Fostering Panel

Once you have completed your fostering assessment, you and your Social Worker will be invited to fostering panel.

Fostering panel is made up of a group of professionals from a variety of backgrounds. They will look over your assessment and make a decision whether they think you should become a foster carer or not. Their decision will be passed to the Agency Decision Maker who will make the final decision on your approval.

Fostering panel will be able to let you know their decision on the day and will let you know how many children you can care for, what age of children and what type of fostering.

If you are not approved at panel you can ask for an independent review.

Begin Fostering!

Once you’ve have your official approval from the Agency Decision Maker you are ready to begin fostering.

You will receive a welcome pack, have access to training and be allocated a Supervising Social Worker. Your Social Worker will provide you on-going support throughout your fostering journey.