Message about change of date for fostering payments

Dear carer

From this week, you will receive your payment from Bradford Council for fostering on Wednesdays not Thursdays.

We are prioritising the fostering payments by moving them to Wednesdays during this crisis so that we are sure it reaches you.

As we have now gone to a scenario where only certain Council staff are allowed to come in to work, we will not be able to print your remittances, but will instead email them to you.

Message from Linzi Nicholson, Fostering Service Manager

These are crazy times we are living in aren't they 😊

So Mr Johnson's announcement yesterday evening has understandably had a significant impact on our children, you guys and our service delivery. I am going to outline the key points in this post but as always if I've missed anything please let me know.

Family time - we are now in a position whereby face to face family time will not be taking place, certainly for the next 3 weeks whilst the country is effectively in lockdown. Please can you contact the child's social worker to discuss whether alternative methods of communication (telephone/whatsapp/email) are safe/appropriate and agree the frequency, duration and supervision of this. If you cannot get hold of your child's social worker or their teams duty worker let your SSW know and they will try to chase it.

Shared Care/Support Care etc - the decision has been taken today that all respite provisions will be on hold for the next 3 weeks. Shaista and her team are working hard alongside complex health to identify those families who will be most impacted by this and thinking about how we can best support, this may include conversations with yourselves about telephone support, Skype support etc or where everyone is well offering support in the family home it necessary/appropriate. These conversations are in their early stages and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Please be assured that pay will not be affected in these instances, you can still claim as if the respite provision went ahead.

Staff are currently being advised to not come into the office and to work from home. We are still working out the logistics of this and will update you when this changes. The duty telephone line will remain active but will be diverted to our admin working from home. They will not be able to transfer your calls but will take your details and the reason for your call and pass it to the most appropriate person. Please bear with us whilst we work this out.

Foster panel is not going ahead this week, we are working on virtual solutions which will hopefully be up and running next week so panel work can continue. Similarly with fostering reviews. Again we are in the early days of identifying solutions to this and will update you when we know more.

I will be in touch again soon, take care and stay safe.

Linzi x


Written by Helen Picton
24 March 2020